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China 1 yuan


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These are just minted in silver right?

This one looks like Gold, even down into the gouge marks its gold

Weight 24.4 grams



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Any help will be appreciated, before it goes back into the safe.



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Did you mean 24.4 grams? If so, then it's well underweight.


Without seeing it in hand, it appears that it is a contemporary counterfeit made of base metal. (I personally own one that's silver plated brass)


Keep in mind that gold is about twice as heavy as silver and most other metals.

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Top Left: Genuine China YSK Year 3 Dollar, EF, 27.1g

Top Right: Genuine China YSK Year 3 Dollar, EF, 26.4g

Bottom Left: Genuine China YSK Year 3 Dollar, F-VF, 26.7g

Bottom Right: Contemporary Counterfeit China YSK Year 3 Dollar, 23.6g


As these were struck at a number of mints, and quality control wasn't high, the weight of one of these dollars even in UNC typically varies between 26.5 and 27.0 grams.


Yellow areas on bottom left piece is old tape/glue residue.


On the counterfeit, the high points of the ear, moustache, cheek, and collar/shoulder all show the underlying brass. It'd also been filed on the edge (2-3 o'clock) and gouged (just to the right of the 12:00 position) to confirm this. One can only guess at the hardship faced by the unlucky person who found out they had a fake dollar, at a time and place where it may had represented several days worth of wages.

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