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Help me to identify this coin


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Left side: looks like a bust, rotated, with shoulder/cuirass at 7-8 o'clock position

Right side: big letter V (raised in incuse rectangle) at top, big letter R (raised in incuse rectangle) at bottom, unknown thing (prow of ship???) in middle.


This piece needs either a lot more cleaning, and looks rather weird/questionable.

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Well, i found out that this is old Greece coin, and on the left side of the coin there is a head.



Ohhh it's Greek with a head :confus:


I have know clue, but here is a futzed-with version of your pic that shows something close to the features. Maybe this will help.



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Yes, Olbia for shure, similar to this:





Olbia in Sarmatia, 330-300 BC.,

Æ23 (23 mm / 8,95 g),

Obv.: (anepigraphic) bearded head of river god Borysthenes (todays Dnjepr), left.

Rev.: IK / [ΟΛ]ΒΙΟ , battle axe and bow in case, inscription to right, IK to left.

SNG Vol: IX 467 British Museum ; cf. Sear GC 1685 .



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