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Please help


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Hello every one,


Please excuse me as im totally new to coin collecting and dont really no anything about it.A few months ago i had a wealthy friend pass away and they left me a rose gold necklace with this coin in a see through case, on one side it says VICTORIA RLGINA, when i resurched this i could only come across VICTORIA REGINA but it is deffinatlly spelt RLGINA. and the other side there is a 2 headed eagle with a sword in one hand and a orb like item in the other, there is no date at all on this coin, i have taken it to be acid tested and its confirmed its deffinatlly gold, and it weighs 3.02 grams


Can anyone please shed some light on this??


Many thanks

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There were many different jetons depicting Victoria with legend in English or Latin and Habsburg eagle (or a fantasy eagle on its basis). Here is one. Though it might look like gold to some, but is actually made of brass.


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