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2010 Banknote and book of the year selected!

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The IBNS has officially announced the selection of the 2010 Banknote of the year. The latest winner is the Uganda 50000 shillings note.


The IBNS Book of the year belongs to The Standard Catalogue of the Provincial Banknotes of England & Wales by Roger Outing.


To see the note, and notes from previous years (as well as their competitors), as well as a review of the book, visit the IBNS at this link: http://www.theibns.org/ where you will select the tab menu: THEIBNS and then go to the bottom.

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My two cents


The winner:




A nominee with faces only a mother could love:




One from the oldest continually-inhabited city in the world:




Love the color contrasts on this one:



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Can't stand the colors but I love the imagery:



This coulda been the winner:



Another wonderful note. The face is captivating:




the back of the Costa Rican is wonderful

but they could have done a bit better with the front side, the head-person might be ok, but it's quite a bit too empty, maybe some more texture-objects-symbols work...



the Vanuatu looks great too :)


the Jersey color indeed it's... 'too much'

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