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Error Pakistan 5 Rupees?


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Is this Pakistani 5 Rupee note, P-38, an error note? The alignment of the printing is way off that of the normal P-38 with a large space at the top being visible. As well, the printing itself, including the serial number stamping seems weird. The serial number of the top left one is printed over some text, which does is not on the normal note. I have no information on this problem, the only other problem with P-38 notes seem to be mismatched serials. Does anyone know how much this note could be worth? Attached the P-38 note in question.

Error Note.jpg

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Looks like the settings are off. Premium, if any probably isn't going to be much as it isn't dramatic.


I've seen US notes where the location of the seal is off by 1/4" or so go for small premiums ($5-10).

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