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Are they faking NCS slabs now, too?


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Seller is in China; first coin image is not in a slab, but the others are. The unusual thing that caught my eye about this coin is the apparent die rotation. Hard to spot because the slab is also tilted, but if look carefully the legend beneath the bust on the obverse is parallel with the bottom edge of the slab, while the reverse is rotated by abt. 10-20 degrees:


Fake 1883 Russian commemorative rouble?


Although this series was struck in relatively high numbers, it would be unlikely that they would have let any through with obviously rotated dies since it was a commemorative coin and as such was almost sure to be subject to special controls (IMHO).


Any other signs that the slab is fake? The coin has that cast look about it. :confus:


Take a look at this one from the same seller:


1834 Alexander Monument rouble

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