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1796 York Half Penny

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Hi Danny,


Is the edge engraved, PAYABLE AT YORK .X..X..X..X..X.?


Conder token/18th Century Provincial token; Yorkshire DH 69. Scarce York Halfpenny. Roman bust left. CONSTANTINE THE GREAT, BORN AT YORK A.D. 271, Rv. Shield of Arms between oak branches.YORK HALFPENNY 1796. Only 200 impressions were struck which makes it scarce.


Some were struck in copper, some in brass. Yours look very shiny but that could just be the flash. I hope it is not just a modern copy but if the edge markings are correct it should be the genuine article. If you post pics using daylight I might be able to say for sure.



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This site has 3 with details of price & great pics, all are now sold. How much did he pay for them?

I do not know his mark-up(50%?, 75%?), perhaps you should contact him to see what he would offer.



Yes it is worth selling, but I do not want to get your hopes up too much, I don't think you will get anything like his prices.


Good luck.

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Though most of the conder tokens were made to circulate as coinage some, like this one, were struck just for collectors, hence they are mostly found in great condition.


All 3 that he has sold were copper, so your brass one is probably that bit rarer. Dalton & Hammer state, also in brass, which tends to support that.

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