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You must agree that Albert looks quite 'dishy'. As to what it is? suggestions on a postcard please; addressed to Dishy Albert, The Great Exhibition, London, 1851. The best suggestion will receive 2 tickets to the show, which must be picked up, in person, in Hyde Park prior to The official opening by Queen Victoria! Contest only open to citizens of the Empire, Rule Britannia, etc.




88mm X 8mm brass by 'M' on truncation, I believe the 'M' is for Joseph Moore, who will be awarded the prize for excellent workmanship for buttons at the Great Exhibition, he later will partnered with Allen. I think this might have been made for the Great Exhibition 1851.

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Is that true about the prize?


Sorry TDP, just my poor attempt at humour, though any guesses as to what its intended use were are most welcome :)


Might just be for trinkets or ornamental. I do not think they would have meant it to be used as an ash-tray as Q Vic would not have been amused.


I just liked it as an object & it compliments my Vic & Albert medals, only cost me $23 Canadian in total. Probably a pretty rare item.

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Pin tray (I'm debating whether to end that with a . as a statement or a ? as a question)

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