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241. Obv. MAXIMUS * , Charles X lauriated head, left.

Rev. NON.PLUS.ULTRA * Ecu Copper 22mm.



During the reign of Charles X due to a shortage of coins many French cities produced their own money and Lille issued this Maximus coin, which had an intrinsic value of 1 liard (1 duit). Presumely struck 1827, as the Belgian VAN HENDE 1858 mentions in his Numismatique Lilloise, page 100/101.


"In 1827 there appeared at Lille a copper coin, strange and new (illustration 241) with that money spread the rumour that it had been struck by one of our(Liege, Belgium) metal merchants. People claimed that the effigy was the Duke of Reischtadt(Napoleon II son of Napoleon Bonaparte), and there was political propaganda involved. The truth was that a merchant of Liege had sold to Mr. M*** for 4,000 francs of the lion 320.000 Maximus tokens/coins, which were circulated among all the small foreign coins then in use. In Lille the alleged currency took over, and despite its Belgian origin, we felt able to include it in our "Coinage of Lille"......"It is claimed that Hazebrouck(another town close to Lille) has also promoted the visit of a liege merchant, who would supply similar coinage to a boilermaker"


The motto maximus non plus ultra = the greatest, none are more perfect.

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