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open 2 rouble?


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There are many minor varities of digits design (e.g., digits in date at obverse - especially "3" in years 1830-31, and "2" at reverse) existing in all or most of "wings down" rouble series (1826-1831).

Some of them were described in pre-revolutionary (before 1917) catalogues and numismatics articles; some of them are described in modern catalogues by Adrianov and Semenov).

Some of them are rather rare (though I never heard that any of them commanded any premium over "common variety" when sold; except "open 2" in 1831 - because it is described in Bitkin catalogue in separate entry /no.131/ and received a "R" rating... which is surely a mistake, as both "open" and "close" "2" at 1831 rouble are actually of same rarity / occurance).


Which year rouble is illustrated in your picture attached? If you will inform, I can check and try to find out whether such a variety is described in this year.

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