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1805 Death of Lord Nelson, Great Britain.

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1805 Death of Lord Nelson, Great Britain.




Bramsen 2196

BHM 582

d'Essling 1092

Milan 479


Actually this is more of an example of what a hopeless bonehead I am. The back of the flip indicates that I purchased this almost exactly 7 years ago. I was hunting through a couple of my "unclassified" boxes in the office. These are boxes I put new purchases and candidates for re-photographing into and eventually get around to putting on my site. Obviously this one fell through a multitude of cracks for a long time!


It's a decent example that may have once been silvered although the white residue could just as easily be some cleanser that someone took to it in its past.


There's another piece I own that shares the same reverse:


1805 Death of Lord Nelson, Great Britain.




Bramsen 439

BHM 581

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