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It's a put-together TV infomercial type of thing. Neat to have as a conversation or display item, but the coins are usually pretty mediocre pieces. I'm suprised that the 5c doesn't appear to be cleaned as the coins are often polished. Although only really worth $5-6, I wouldn't be suprised if this set was originally sold for $20-30.

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I agree on the valuation. The only wildcard is the value of the silver in the 1965 half and the silver dime.


I can't figure out why anyone would put these particular five coins together. Three of them (the half, dollar, and quarter) are late 60s-1970s stuff, and two are somewhat interesting (whoops my prejudices show there!) stuff from before the death of silver coinage. (I know the half has silver in it but realistically silver coinage was dead at this point, and an argument can be made that the decision to make the halves 40% silver killed the half dollar.) The coins didn't circulate at the same time or anything like that.

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