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Poltina 1724


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Hi all,


(Repost from new member forum)


I stumbled upon this website after inheriting a fairly substantial coin collection from my grandfather after his death.

He was a resident of the former soviet union and his coin collection seems to focus around Imperial/Soviet Russia, but there seem to be coins from many different countries in his collection.


I have absolutely no idea where to start with this coin collection and am looking for some advice on how best to start the process of documenting each coin and preserving them. There are a large number of silver roubles (imperial and soviet era) (approximately 100 or so) which I assume form some sort of collection, and a number of other loose coins which are organised in a large box (so far I see Polish, German, Cuban, Soviet Russia, Imperial Russia and many other countries).


Is there an online library of sorts that I can use to identify these coins and maybe attach some value to them so that they may be suitably insured?


I have tried to find some information about this coin, but haven't had much luck. Constanius found a possible match for it here: http://www.coinarchives.com/w/lotviewer.php?LotID=1002603&AucID=930&Lot=7030&Val=c29a83bb981c51fcc9e4fa0dce4b3909 and I wanted your opinion if the coin I am holding is genuine (in your opinion) and what kind of value it might be worth in its condition.


Could someone introduce this newbie to some basic numismatics?


Thanks in advance!




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Coin looks genuine... :yes:

About other questions. In general you will find everything in net...

The only question is to use google wisely. :confus:

There are of course internet cataloques - you have to be more precise what you are looking for

(country, period..)

We can exchange priv mails.. make pictures (few coins on one photograf)..than I will be able to give advice what you need. :lol:

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