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It is bronze, one one side it has a bust and the wording WILH. NASS. BELG. REX. LUXEMB. M. DUX on

the reverse it has an inscription, PATR. SAL. REG. ET. ORD. SOLEN. SACRAM. ASSERTA MDCCCXV. It has a

hole in the top of it and appears that it was possibly worn as a necklace?


So, from what I gather it is commemorating the King of Netherlands.


How can I tell if mine is authentic? Looking at it with a 10x magnifier, it appears to be quite old,

yet it is in good condition, the edge of the coin is smooth, lots of little pits, but doesn't have

the ridges like a US Quarter does.


If it is authentic, any idea of the value?


I can post a picture of the front and back if that will help someone with authenticity, etc.

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Thank you for your reply and link to photos!


Amazing really, this little medal has taken a 200

year old journey! And most likely spent a good 100

years of it in the back of some old lady's jewelry



Well I have gotten rather fond of it, so I think I

will probably enjoy keeping it more than I would

spending the 10.00 I would make selling it on Ebay!


semper ad meliora!!

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This medal is a so called "sprinkle medal" in occasion to the inauguration of King Willem 1 of Holland in 1815. They were made in 4 materials: gold-silver-bronze and zinc. Because of the hole the value is not much but it is a very nice medal to keep in your collection. When you sell it on ebay or this forum I think it can bring abour 5-10 dollar.


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