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Australian 2000 Dollar Mule


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It seems that there's been a lot of interest in Australia about the 2000 dollar Mule. It seems that this coin has attracted much interest. Well...Here's my view;


1) If this is of interest what about the regular 2000 dollar. I see a dozen 2000 mules on offer per one "Regular" 2000 dollar. One can only wonder which one is really scarce..?!


2) I think the real rarities are in the 1999 ten cent mules-the ones who's obverse dies were accidently changed to create those 2000 mule dollars..!? There are in fact 3 different obverses created in the 1999 Australian ten cent coin. Although still pre-mature I'd say the large, medium and small obverse are the rarest in that order- the small being the normal one.

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