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Auctions with Russian coins & medals in June 2011


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The June 2011 Auction Schedule


of auctions around the globe,


containing russian coins, medals, awards

If anyone wants to add one/few other auctions pls do so !


June 01 Ira & Larry Goldberg, USA

June 04 Imperia auction 16, Russia

June 11 Warszawskie Centrum Numizmatyczne auction 46, Poland

June 11 Russian numismatic house, auction 13, Russia

June 17-18 Ponterio Baltimor auction, USA

June 23-24 Kunker auction 192, Germany

June 25 Monety i Medali, auction 70, Russia

June 28-29 Sincona auction 1, Switzerland

JUNE 30 lanz, auction 151, Munich, Germany


P.S. Internet auctions 24/7 with russian coinage:




P.S. All dates of auctions taken from sixbid.com, m-dv.ru and private calls

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Thank you very much for the shedule - it is very usefull to us to not to miss anything!


A slight amendment: SINCONA-1 commences June the 29th (sixbid bidding ends June the 28th). Info from http://sincona.com/


Best regards

you are welsome :)

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Lanz auction (30 June) has some very interesting older Russian lots (wire money, mostly):

Numismatik Lanz, June 30, 2011


very interesting silver wire kopeks, thanks, added

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