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5kop1809KM new acquisition cheap

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As it is very quiet in the forum I'll break the silence with my new acquisition from Elmen. It could be nicer :rolleyes: but it's good enough for me at the low price of $200. BTW I can furnish prices realized for any of the items,






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very attractive, yellow (rare) and I guess was more than two hundred?

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Back in the day I just wanted an example of each pairing shown in Uzdenikov. It's tricky with the 5 kopek pieces because there are five obverse designs and four reverse, and they mostly come in matched pairs but there are a couple of mule issues too. Anyhow I finally brought some order to that chaos and was able to get one of each of the seven pairings.


(The other denominations were easy enough to understand... one from EM and one from KM and you are done, except for the polushka which had a funky lopsided eagle pairing as well. Well it was easy to _understand_ but I never came close to having the other denominations completed. I never found a Kopek. As challenging as the 5 kopek pieces are, the polushka - 2 kopeks are much, much more difficult!)

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