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1860 Warsaw 2 kopeck - special eagle


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One such coin just surfaced on eBay (1860 2 kop). Never saw it before (10 and 15 kopeck from 1860 with such eagle seem to be much more common). How rare are such coppers (3 kopeck and two types of 2 kopeck)? Would appreciate any info. Thanks

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This is so called Warsaw eagle was in use from 1860 till 1863 on both 2 and 3 kopeken coins...

About rarity... same as in general all the copper from Warsaw Mint. Not popular :grin:

Don't connect this type (from Warsaw Mint) with 10 and 15 kopeken silver because they were not produced in Warsaw. The one year design eagle (the one that is typical only for 1860) for 10 and 15 is also quite rare. Let's say comparable rarity. The true rarity is 5 kopeken silver with the eagle 1860. There was no silver from Warsaw Mint at 1860 ...

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