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1898 Sammy Marks Penny (South African)

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Hi Guys,


We have just started running an amazing competition on our South Cape Coins Facebook page and who would be more interested than the numismatic enthusiasts on Coin People? So, we thought we'd let you know about the competition here too.


Up for grabs is a rare South African coin, the 1898 Sammy Marks Penny MS64RB (see attached picture).


All you need to do is make sure you go and 'like' our new Facebook profile page, and also encourage your friends and people who might be interested to 'like' us too.


The winner is the person who gets the most people to 'like' the new South Cape Coins page. Easy hey? (as an added bonus we post interesting articles, links, tips, advice and facts relating to South African coins everyday too)


Link straight to our Facebook page!


Go on, check it out, have also posted a picture of the 1898 Sammy Marks Penny that you could win on our profile page.


Looking forward to seeing you there! Any questions, feel free to ask me :)




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