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Coin identification - Please help!

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Dear friends and colleagues!


We are a Swiss coin dealer. In our office we have some interesting items we can not identify for years!

Maybe somebody can help us.


# 3995539955.jpg is a Swedish Goertz Notdaler with an unknown counterstamp. Any idea?

# 43614 http://www.ma-shops.com/sesambestcoins/pic/43614.jpg

a part of Spanish colonial 8 Reales. Counterstamp unknown. Not found under the Caribbean coinage. The Madagascar coinage of this type is only known without any counterstamps. Any idea?


Thanks in advance!

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Only I can add is "Phoebus" version of these "tokens" which were issued by Baron Goertz during reign of Karl XII during war with Russia to pay for debts. They were very unpopular coins and public refused them. Sweden in 17th and 18th century was a land of not much good money of gold and silver, and lot of copper money which nobody really liked.

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