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Are these worth keeping ? Are they worth ANYTHING ?

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Hi there


I was rooting through some old draws today, and came across these bank notes.I think I was given them in the mid 80's by my brother who was in the Navy. Are they worth keeping or should I just get rid of them ? Are they worth anything ?


Thanks all






Central bank of Egypt 25 Piastres by ian.cocklin@gmail.com, on Flickr




Royaume De Belgique Cinquante Francs by ian.cocklin@gmail.com, on Flickr




Jugoslavia 10 Dinara 1978 by ian.cocklin@gmail.com, on Flickr




Republika NG Pilipinas 2 Piso by ian.cocklin@gmail.com, on Flickr




Jugoslavia 10 Dinara 1968 by ian.cocklin@gmail.com, on Flickr




Bank of Malaysia One Dollar by ian.cocklin@gmail.com, on Flickr





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Hello, and welcome to coinpeople!


I'd suggest you keep them or pass them to someone who would cherish them (e.g. a young collector). The Belgian piece may be worth something (likely several dollars), but the rest are relatively common notes with a individual values of <=$1.

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