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St. Michael's Church

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It appears that one of the Wyons signed this medal/token of St. Michael's Church. It's included in Dalton & Hamer's work on "Conder" tokens as Warwickshire 38a but I wonder if it wasn't a later production.







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"What makes you think its a later production?"


By no means am I certain but...


The style of the medal/token is much like the various cathedral works of Wyon, Davis and Wiener during the 19th century. The perspective (particularly on the reverse) looks all wrong for a late 18th century medal or token.


The signature appears to be W Wyon (or maybe Wyon with some doubling). If it's W Wyon, William is the only Wyon family engraver whose name begins with W and he wasn't even born until 1795!


Jeremy Taylor lists this medal in his work "The Architectural Medal-England in the 19th Century" under William Wyon, c1820-1840, with a question mark.

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