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Couple of overstruck coins


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Decided to branch off from the usual Russian overstrikes that I am used to. This can be quite fun but perhaps a bit too ambitious if I want to start a world overstruck coin album :wallbash:


First one is a Swedish 1 skilling overstruck over 1700s 2 ore. Can't see the year as the last two digit is hidden under the crown. Have to look carefully next time.




Next one is a 1811 Polish 5 grozsy. Most likely struck over a German coin. Got a comment from henry12 on omnicoin saying that it's most likely 'Preussen 1/24 thaler probobly from 1782'




Guess another week of work for me...

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Oh dang, I looked at the other thread before coming here. Both coins I would happily have in my collection. I'm sad to see you're branching into my time period... ;):P

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