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1809 Retour du roi de Prusse à Berlin, Prussia.

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1809 Retour du roi de Prusse à Berlin, Prussia.




d'Essling - 1261


This was engraved by Loos to commemorate the return of the King and Queen of Prussia to their capital at Berlin. This took place on the 23rd of December 1809 and ended an extensive period of absence while the royal couple tried to stay ahead of Napoleon's armies. When their Russian ally was defeated at Friedland following the bloody draw at Eylau they had to accept that there was no hope and that they needed to deal with Napoleon as a subjugated people. Arguably it was his harsh dealings with Prussia that led to their implacable determination to defeat him after the Russian debacle of 1812.


Take the link above and click the pictures until you get the 1500 pixel version. It's a beautiful medal for only $40. :)

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