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1806 Death of Charles James Fox, Great Britain.

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1806 Death of Charles James Fox, Great Britain.



BHM 604

d'Essling 2751


Another very large medal on a thick planchet. I've owned this rare copper gilt piece since 2006 and only now have gotten around to putting it on my site. I still don't like my pictures but I've never been shy about upgrading my shots before.


Charles James Fox is known today as the perennial political opponent of William Pitt the Younger and an inveterate hater of George III. As such the King maneuvered behind the scenes to prevent his ever having Fox as his Prime Minister. The political infighting between Fox and Pitt produced dozens if not hundreds of fascinating numismatic pieces, usually by their supporters.


The following probably refers to Pitt's forcing the Seditious Meetings Act 1795 thereby silencing the opposition through threat of prison. The "Devil" is Fox and his opposite is Pitt...


1796 "Mum", Great Britain



D&H 1095a - Spence's


Contrast this with an earlier piece where they were the "Odd Fellows" and Fox in ascendency.


c. 1795 "Odd Fellows", Great Britain.


D&H 804c - Spence's


Political tokens were the Tweets of the 1790s!

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