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1811 Establishment of the Landesmuseum Joanneum, Austria

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1811 Establishment of the Landesmuseum Joanneum, Austria




One of the nicest, and heaviest medals I've acquired in recent years. This medal either celebrates the establishment of the University / Museum or is a prize medal for the same.


Could a German speaker give me a stab at translating the three pieces of text and a guess on the purpose of the medal? Thanks!

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That´s a fine specimen!


I suppose this one don´t fulfill the essential requirements of your "cheap but fun" category. :grin:




IOANNEUM GESTIFTET D : 16 IUL 1811 = Johanneum, founded on 16/07/1811.




SIE LEHRE DICH / DER VAETER WERTH / ZU SEYN = It (the history of Styria) may teach you to be worth (compared) to your forefathers / ancestors.


My attempt for the purpose of the medal, the message should be like:


"See what your ancestors had to fight and work for the establishment of the province of Styria and make the conclusions for your necessary actions and efforts."



:) Regards :)

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