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Can you tell?..


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The first looks like a denarius of the Roman emperor Commodus.


This was the most similar i could find :




COMMODUS (177 - 192 AD.)

d=17 mm

Denarius, Rome mint, 183/4 AD:

Obv.: M COMMODVS-ANTON AVG [PIVS] , his laureate head facing right

Rev.: P M TR P VIIII IMP VI COS IIII P P. Felicitas standing left, right holding up a caduceus, cornucopia cradled in left arm, modius at her feet l.

Ref.: RIC 74 ; BMCRE 122 ; Hunter - ; Coh. 445 .


But based on that blurry pic i can´t tell you if it´s genuine or not.




The second is a 1 Mark silver piece of the German empire dated 1911.

I can´t id the mint mark beneath the eagle (probably A for Berlin ?)

Here you can find out more with the coin in your hand:






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