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1880 Prise de la Bastille, France.

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1880 Prise de la Bastille, France.




Another cheap lurker in the copper and brass box. I bought this one because I liked it. Hey, just 10 years before this the Prussians had handed France's butt to them so they needed to dig back a bit... It's a cheap thing, intended for the masses.

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The tricolour became the official flag of the French Third Republic in 1880, this medal is for the distribution of the flags on Bastille Day 1880, when it became a national holiday.


The Second Empire ceased to be in 1871, due to the Prussian victory & the overthrow of Napoleon III, & the Third Republic was born. There were many monarchists in the republic & there was still hope for the re-establishment of a form of monarchy & as such the republic was considered temporary until either Chambord, or next, the Comte de Paris became king. Because of Chambord's intransigence re both the Tricolour(he wanted to restore the royal fleur de lis) & his wanting to be a semi-absolute not a constitutional monarch & until his death the Comte de Paris could not become king, eventually by 1879 the hopes, & numbers, of the monarchists faded so the Third Republic became permanent & the Tricolour was finaly officially adopted in 1880. The Third Republic lasted till 1940 when the Prussians Germans caused its collapse.

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