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Didius Julianus Coin


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Hi Folks, this is my first post here on Coin People and I thought I would start it of with something I know little about.

In my world collection is what I believe is a Roman Imperial Coin. From what I have found online this may be Didius Julianus with a date around 193 A.D. Chime in and let me know what you think. I do not even know what the coin type is at this point so chime in!

It measures 20mm and seems to be bronze.




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Didius Julianus would be great. But at his era the mints issued no bronze antoniniani.


Think it´s this one:




Tetricus I., Treveri (Trier) mint(?), 4th emission,271 AD.,

Æ-Antoninianus (18-20 mm / 2.47 g),

Obv.: IMP TETRICVS P F AVG , radiate and cuirassed bust of Tetricus I right.

Rev.: LAETITIA AVG N , Laetitia standing left holding wreath & anchor.

Zschucke 282 ; RIC 90 ; Coh. 75 .



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