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Nice bimetal error


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modern russian error coins cost like minor imperial period ones', WOW

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In my opinion it is strange that people ask a higher price for coins with defects than for perfect ones.


If a coin from 19th century or before has a metal flaw it will generally be priced lower than problem free coins. Why should newer coins be any different? And if they are, I´m curious to know where is the turning point? Any specific date when a flaw becomes desirable and start to cost money?


My point is clear without saying it. There is no such date.

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I believe it's what you call error coins. For some unknown reason, a lot of Russian error coins that I've seen are sold for way too low. Bought a few interesting one that way. Probably low in demand but I reckon it's only a matter of time when some collectors appreciate error coins. Of course, some super fantastic error coins like multiple strikes do sell very well but not off struck coins. Bill Synder had some fantastic ones that I remember.

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