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Canada Silver mint/proof/specimen sets + single coins

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I just acquired an insanely large lot of Canadian mint sets and clamshell case dollars. The gentleman that owned these went a bit crazy ordering mint products from 1970-1995. There's 5-12 of each mint set and clamshell case dollar for most dates. Some sets are even still in original shrink wrap.


I'll be adding a detailed list in the near future. But if there's any Canadian mint set or dollar from 1970-1995 you're looking for, I probably have one for sale (and cheap!). Feel free to pm me with requests. I ship from Canada, thanks.

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I'm going to try selling these Silver double dollar Prestige sets in fairly large increments. Up to 8 sets fit in a flat rate box ($15 shipping within Canada, $20 to USA). All sets come with all the original mint packaging and Certificates of Authenticity.


I've divided them into lots:


A ) 1974-1980 (7 sets)

B ) 1981-1988 (8 sets)

C ) 1989-1995 (8 sets, there's two types of 1995, one is a special issue honoring War Veterans with a special loonie)


I haven't priced these yet, so feel free to PM me with an offer or special requests (eg sets of certain dates). I have multiples of most sets, so until I have sold some I'll do what I can to accomodate special requests.


These pictures aren't so great, but I will have some stock photos up soon as well of individual sets.

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