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Could you please help me?


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Hello Sirs / Madams,


I have a coin but i don't have any information about it. If somebody know somethings about it please tell me, which year? which country? is it rare? how much ?


There is writing " C. BALMBERGER'S SPIEL&RECH : PFEN. " on the coin.


Thank you very much to all.



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It is a german jetton (gaming and counting token) by Carl Balmberger. A maker of medals, toy money, jettons, notgeld, and other things.


Plus Ultra is a latin phrase meaning 'further and beyond' it is on the spainish coat of arms via Charles I and is generally thought to refer to the idea of going further and farther in conquest and discovery. This is somewhat a common theme for medals as jeton makers in nurnberg as Lauer also has a very similar peice.


It was probably minted in the late 19th early 20th century. Couldnt tell you how rare it is, I have never seen it before but that means nothing, I have only seen some notgeld, medals, and a LOT of toy money from this issuer.

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Dear Drusus,


Thank you very much for your answer. I have never seen it before also, because of this i want to learn is it rare or no? So how can i learn it is rare r no i don't know really. If you know someways for the learn it tell me please.


Thanks again,


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I dont know if its rare nor am I certain how one would find this out...I have seen other examples of these (from other minters) being used as decorations and yours is punctured and appears as if its being used in a similar way. I cant say for sure of course but I would guess its not worth a lot.

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