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Album - Coins and money notes


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It depends on the type of albums you are looking for and the number. Local coin & hobby shops as well as some book stores have some. Whitman albums are carried in a few of the local stores in my area. I prefer Dansco albums for my coins and so I purchase them via the web from either Tradewinds or Brent-Kruger. There are many places that sell them but I use these two because I've dealt with them for years and have always gotten good service. There are many providers on ebay as well.


What do you collect? Tell us a bit about yourself and settle in and enjoy the forum. Great folks and great coins here.

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This sort of depends on where you live. By that I mean if there are any coin shows in your area, go to them. Those usually have the cheapest items for coin storages. In some areas there are hobby or coin stores. They too usually cary Albums and Folders and miscellaneous items for coin storage and usually rather cheap since they want your buisness for buying coins.

On line there are numerous places to purchase coin storing items.

The Whitman Web site has all sorts of such items but are not cheap.

Same with most manufacturers of coin storage items since they want to sell to distributers of dealers in bulk quantities.

Not sure how to spell this one but a place called Whizard or something like that appears to be noted by most collectors to be the best place on line to purchase coin storage items.

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