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1981 American Coin Error ? Please help


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Hey hows it going I have a Quarter and i suspect it has a Defect on it Can you tell me whats wrong with the Quarter i think Its Called Double die But im uncertain


If you take a Look at The Year And The Mint Marking it Appears to be Distorted Let me know what you think Heres the Photo


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Hey Jedaprin,


Good question. I think it's die flow... Basically the longer a die is used, the more the material wears. It begins to look distorted and unclear, just like that coin! So, I don't think it's worth a penny over 25 cents - its just a coin struck towards the end of the die's life.


Thanks for sharing!

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That's how most circulated quarters from the early '80s look. Blunted/faint features are the result of die overuse, heavy circulation and the die modifications made to "improve" the quality of strikes on Cu/Ni planchets instead of silver ones.


In short, not worth keeping. Very, very few coins from that period are.

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