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Royal Wedding 1863

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38mm WM.

Obv. ALEXANDRA PRINCESS OF DENMARK 1863 Bust l. signed on the truncation SCHMAHLFELD (GEORG LUDWIG FRIEDRICH (Germ.) Medallist of the nineteenth century, born in 1829. He settled in Copenhagen, and worked for the Mint there and the Die-sinking works of W.Christesen.


Rev. ALBERT EDWARD PRINCE OF WALES. Bust r. signed below W. Christesen, though there is a small F S on the truncation, which might be for Friedrich Schmahlfeld in which case the W. Christesen below the bust would just be for the issuer or perhaps the designer of the medal.

This seems to bear that out;

"Bronze Independence Centennial Danish Medal. Obverse: An eagle supports an oval framed bust of George Washington. Two angels are found on either side of the oval frame. Reverse: Standing Liberty is rewarding the Arts, Agriculture, Industry and Navigation. Below Lady Liberty reads: PHILADELPHIA 1876. Above and below the city name are the engravers names: Ohlrik, Schmahlfeld, and Christesen" .... as no medal realy needs 3 engravers I suspect that again Christesen is just the issuer or perhaps the designer of the medal.


I know I placed the obv. & rev. opposite to normal but this way they are facing each other and I felt a Danish medal would place her on the obv. Whatever it is a wonderful medal in great condition.



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Very appropriate given current affairs.


Have you received your invite yet Clive? I have mine, but sadly cannot attend as I am just way too busy :rolleyes:


I should have noted that this medal is unlisted in BHM. Though it is a Danish medal the inscription is in English which suggests that it was to be sold both in Denmark & Britain.


Prince, Princess = Prins, Prinsesse in Danish.

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