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Can anyone identify this coin?


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Roman bronze antoninianus. c. 260 AD - 310 AD ish. That whole era was full of these pieces (usually with a silver content between 0% and 5%), all with the Emperor wearing a radiate crown.


Reverse looks like a personification/person/god/goddess holding a cornucopia.

Obverse is too worn...

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A potin tetradrachm from Alexandria/Egypt.


Eagle reverse plus legend "ETOYC - A" = regnal year 1.


Unfortunately the name of the emperor is not visible. It should be one of those later roman emperors from the second half of the third century (ca. 250-300 AD.).

Maybe this Tacitus:




EGYPT, Alexandria.

Tacitus. 275-276 AD.

BI Tetradrachm (ca. 20mm, ca. 7 gm).

Dated RY 1 (275/6 AD).

Laureate and cuirassed bust right / Eagle standing left, head turned right, holding wreath in beak; ETOVC A (date) in field.

Cf. Köln coll. 3110 ; Dattari 5521A ; Milne - ; Emmett 3974 .




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