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C 1860 Nova Scotia Half Cent


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I have a circa 1860 Nova Scotia half cent. Don't really know much about it. Can anyone tell me about it? The back looks either corroded or really dirty, also. I've attached a pic.


Actuall, friend, you attached half a pic. I noticed that in other posts of yours. Rather than take pictures, does your printer scan? Scans are more helpful.


What exactly do you want to know, though? Market value? Numbers struck in the series? Engraver's biography? I kid you not on that. For many numismatists the lives of James Longacre and Glenna Goodacre are the stuff of the hobby and the coins are only the evidence of their lives and works. Many US Mint engravers created other medals and other works of art. We all know that Augustus Saint Gaudens was an accomplished sculptor of architectural and monumental works before he tried his hand at coins. At the Brookgreen Gardens website here http://www.brookgreen.org/ you can find the monumental works of James Earle Fraser and Laura Gardin Fraser, Augustus Saint Gaudens, Adolph A. Weinman, and Glenna Goodacre.


I'm just sayin'... for us, there is so much about the coin that no matter which one you toss up, we can fill pages about it.

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