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Dauphin Jeton

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Silvered copper(only traces of the silvering remain) 26-28mm.

Obv. A dolphin being crowned by a hand appearing from a cloud. A DELPHINO INCOLUMITAS

Rev. Figure of Peace, holding a cornucopia, and burning implements of war. EX PACE UBERTAS

Exergue WOLF LAVF. (For either Wolf Laufer I (master 1554, died 1601) or Wolfgang Lauffer/Lavfer II Nuremberg, active 1618-1660)


A DELPHINO INCOLUMITAS Safety to/from the Dolphin/Dauphin

(EX BELLO PAX / From war, peace)

EX PACE UBERTAS / From peace, plenty.


Assumed by some to depict the birth of the 18th Dauphin(Louis XIII) in 1601, it might also be for the 19th(Louis XIV) 1638.

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On-line translation(good enough for purpose) goes for the 19th Dauphin the future Louis XIV, so the jeton is 1638 & by Wolfgang Lauffer/Lavfer II Nuremberg, active 1618-1660;

"NO. 49. (cinquefoil) A DELPHINO INCOLUMITAS. Dolphin tail wrapped and erect, sailing on the waves; the side right out of a cloud an arm decorated with a headline and holding a crown.R #. EX PACE UBERTAS. Nude peace until the belt, standing left, tour holding a cornucopia and setting on fire with a torch to a weapons monceau. A the epigraph: WOLF the VF.Copper. -Al. Chaper.Wolf Lauffer, Goldsmith to Nuremberg, worked during the reigns of Louis XIII and Louis XIV; his son Conrad, under the reign of Louis XIV. However, there is a token identical to that just described with the legend REICHE PF - C - l. # Reiche pffenige Conrad Lauffer #. There is some reason to think that the token with the name of Wolf is Louis XIV dauphin, the Conrad, on the contrary, the Grand Dauphin, son of Louis XIV."

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For me, the life long love of history pushed me into this area of collecting, the advantage is that you can find extremely rare pieces, even unique ones, for a low price compared to most rare coins, coins are something I have never really collected, except for a limited few, the odd 1797 2 penny cartwheel etc . The field is so vast, the opportunities endless.

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