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$500 Gold note


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A scan would help, but best of all you should go to the ANA website, www.money.org. The American Numismatic Association was founded in 1891 and was chartered by Congress in 1912. You can find an ANA member dealer near you by looking under the Membership dropdowns on the left. (Sometimes, there is a hotlink graphic on the homepage.) Under Dealers you can put in your ZIPcode (three digits is best) or search for your whole state or look in your city, etc.


Realize that in the 120-year history of the ANA some people have been less than happy when they bought or sold with an ANA member dealer. But the ANA Code of Ethics is enforced. Recently, a life member dealer lost his membership because of some complaints. This is not a court of law. Nothing needs to be proved. Two complaints are enough to cost a dealer his membership. So, you can get cheated if you try, and you can always pay too much and sell too low. But we do our best.


So, take your note to an ANA member dealer and he can tell you right way and explain why.


Gold notes are an exception in US Law. Generally, all US money from the coins of 1792 and the paper of 1863 are legal tender now. Gold notes stand out; and I am not conversant with all the details.

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Yes a picture would help, but on the front does it have a picture of Lincoln on the left side and a large "500" on the right side? On the back does it have a large "D" on the left side and an eagle clasping a flag on the right side? The back should be printed in gold/yellowish ink while the front is mostly in black ink with the word "GOLD" printed in large gold letters across the top center. The serial numbers should be below Lincoln and above the 500.


Here's a photo from Wikipedia:



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