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french silver jeton help needed

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coin2.JPGHere is the research I have completed:


Engraver was Lorthior, Pierre Joseph Born 1733 died 1813.


The family heralds are Aumont on the left and Durfort on the right.


The initials on the other side surrounded by cherubs are M & D


The Jeton is silver, The shields are; on left Aumont family, on right Dufort family. Thus far my research has developed the following possibilities:


The jeton is in celebration of the marriage of Louis Marie d'Aumont

Duc d'Aumont, de Mazarin et de La Meilleraye

Born 5 August 1732

Died 20 October 1799 Chateau de Guiscard

Married (1) 2 December 1747 Paris

Louise Jeanne de Durfort, Duchesse de Mazarin et de La

Meilleraye, daughter of Emmanuel Felicite de Durfort, 4.Duc

de Duras, Marechal de France and Charlotte Antoinette de La

Porte Mazarin Born 1 September 1735 Paris Died 17 March 1781 Paris


Or the birth of their daughter; Louise d'Aumont

Duchesse de Mazarin et de La Meilleraye

Born 22 October 1759 Paris

Died 13 December 1826 Paris

Married (1) 15 July 1777 Paris Div.1798

Honore IV, Prince of Monaco 1795-1819, son of Honore III,

Prince of Monaco 1731-1795 and Maria Caterina Brignole

Born 17 May 1758

Died 16 February 1819

Married (2) 6 February 1801 Paris Div.1803

Rene Francois Tirnand-D'Arcis

Died 17 February 1807 Paris


Please feel free to add or subtracrt from any information stated above, You will not hurt my feelings if I am in error. All help is very welcome. To see other side of the Jeton please visit my gallery as I ran into what appears to be a file space problem.

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Little more regarding the daughter: Duchesse de Mazarin and de la Meilleraye. Daughter of Louise Jeanne de Durfort, Duchess of Mazarin and de La Meilleraye and Louis Marie d'Aumont. She's a descendant of Hortense Mancini, niece and heir of Cardinal Jules Mazarin. On July 15. 1777 she married Prince Honoré Charles de Monaco, who later became Honoré IV. She gave birth to two boys Honoré Gabriel and Florestan who both reigned in Monaco. They were divorced in June 1798 following their release from prison during the revolution. She remairried twice mo9re before death.

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Just to make it easier for people to see both sides, hope you don't mind.


If the engraver was Lorthior, Pierre Joseph Born 1733 I do not think it would be for the marriage in 1747 as he would have only been about 14 years old then. The bride & groom were only 12 & 15, getting married young is one thing but to have the skill to engraver that jeton is another. So the birth is more likely as Lorthior would have been around 26 then.


Very nice jeton :bthumbsup:



Stacks sold one of these and date it circa 1778.


"FRANCE. Ca. 1778 Duchesse d'Aumont Jeton. Silver octagon, 33.2mm. By Pierre Joseph Lorthior"


If they are correct, it is probably to celebrate the birth of Honoré V Grimaldi, Prince de Monaco b. 1778, to Honoré IV Grimaldi, Prince de Monaco and Louise d'Aumont.


Forrer writes that Van Hende described..Lorthior.....Duchesse d'Aumont(sev. var.) the date of the medal/jeton listed before is 1778(De Montbarey) the date of the one after is 1784(Charles Alexandre de Calonne) so the date, 1778 seems about right.


Mind if it was earlier(which is doubtful because of Van Hende) it could just have been for the marriage in 1771.

Louise d'Aumont was born in 1759 She was the daughter of Louis Marie d'Aumont, Duc d'Aumont.1 She married Honoré IV Grimaldi in 1771.

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Thank you for getting both sides presented and the product of your research. Your dating is compelling.


I have been unable to decipher the meaning of the cherubs and doves surrounding the initials.


Given the shields it would appear that the engraving was commissioned by the grandparents if the jeton cellebrates the birth of a grandchild, otherwise the shields would likely have been those of the daugher and the Monaco prince?

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From a Baldwin's Auction



1362 Louise d’Aumont Mazarin, Duchesse d’ Aumont, de Mazarin et de la Meilleraye (1759-1826),

Marriage to Honoré IV, Prince of Monaco, restrike Octagonal Silver Jeton, 1777, by Pierre Joseph

Lorthior, conjoined arms on mantle, rev cherubs with oval bearing monogram, 33mm, extremely

fine and toned.


So they give the date of the marriage as 1777(some sources give 1771 but perhaps that is a mistake) & think it is for that occasion.


The 2 doves do give the impression of "love & marriage" perhaps it was for the wedding then. Which does leave the problem of the M & D, just her family, unless it was the proud parents who had them struck. Mind if her parents were married in 1747 it would have been their 30th wedding anniversary!


Nice to have a bit of a mystery.

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Oh yes I forgot the initials.




I've got one of these too :). They are quite `pretty' but remind me in a way of the Marie Theresia Thalers in that they are frequently found on the market and at a relatively cheap price in relation to their aesthetics. Never the less there's quite a bit of history associated with the coats of arms, and the name `Mazarin' as has already been mooted.


It is important to mention that the dies for this particular jeton have been used by `La Medaille' for re-strike purposes to satisfy collector demand. Have a close look on the edge to see if there is any incuse mark (usually a cornucopia)alongside the word `Argent' (also incused). If there is then the piece is a relatively modern (post 1880) re-strike. If not, it's more likely to be an original. Unfortunately i've not had the opportunity to research mintages.



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