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russian coin 15 pamm, palladium

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Hello all, i'm trying to get more information about this coin i have. I bought it approx 6 years ago in a job lot. I have done various searches and can not find anything similar. It is oval, weighs 13.9g, has (i assume) russian writing, (again i assume) is made of palladium 750. On one side it shows a red hammer and sickle with Pd 750, the reverse side shows a black and white pic of Stalin with a russian inscription (please note the * denotes russian lettering i cannot replicate on my pc) '15 *PAMM *.B.CTA**H' Any information any one can give and i would be fascinated to hear. Thank you, Mark (sorry did try to upload pics but said file to big, not sure how to change this)

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Is there a date?


I would guess it reads: 15 ГРАММ И.В.СТАЛИН. Is this correct?


Based on what little I see here it doesn't sound like an official USSR government issue; they wouldn't've put Stalin on a coin after the mid 1950s and I don't recall them doing anything in palladium before then. (At first my inclination was to ask if you might have confused Lenin and Stalin, but your partial legend fits Stalin's name in Cyrillic.)


(BTW if you are running Windows anything after '95 you can get Cyrillic out of your keyboard, but you had to do some setup to access it.)

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Hello, thanks for the response's. There is no date on it. Steve you are correct with the writing (i wish i was a bit more techno savvy and could post a pic). As you can tell i'm a bit of an amateur collector, i have only just got around to try and catalogue my coins. Thanks for the welcome gxseries

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