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Bank of Basey 50 centavos Field Printed Money 1943


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I just read the story about this note in the SCWPM Specialized Issues - and have to say it's an interesting story, with the Japanese placing a 100,000 Pesos reward on Rev. Alejandro Froilan who carved the woodcut border for this note. Unfortunately, my catalog has no actual listing for this note, though it does talk about Basey under the section titled Samar. Do you have any further information on this note? Love to hear more if you have.


If however your looking for more history instead, I'd suggest seding an email to a guy who goes as Mainer on http://www.banknotebank.com/ as he has the most extensive collection of Philippine guerilla money I know of. Here's one of his: http://www.banknotebank.com/note/925624 to comare with.

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