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"Baroque" coins

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(Disclaimer: I have sold these coins. I was told it was OK to post pictures of coins I have sold. If not, let me know.)


I am not sure why these are called "baroque" coins.


The silver pieces bear the legend 5 Kop, clearly "5 kopeks".


These coins are very unusual for Russian coins in that they are struck with coin die alignment rather than medal alignment. Apparently the designs struck up far better that way. The coppers especially have nearly identical design profiles on obverse and reverse and flipping the die alignment helped the strike. (I believe the only other "coin" aligned coinage from Imperial Russia was by mistake. Sometimes they had coins struck in Brussels and Paris, and those coins would sometimes be struck with coin alignment by mistake because it didn't occur to the French and Belgians not to do it this way.)


1755 "Baroque" 5 Kopeks, struck on thin (broad) planchet. (I chased both the broad and thick planchet varieties, eventually got both. Alas the broad planchet specimen is in far worse condition than the thick planchet one.)






1756 "Baroque" 5 kopeks, struck on a thick planchet.




I also owned a couple of baroque coppers, but haven't moved the photographs yet.

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