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Steve D'Ippolito

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Please add pictures of any Anna 10 Kopeks (grivnas) that you might have in your collection. The more the merrier.


The "grivennik" or "grivna" is simply a 10 kopek piece. Peter I adopted this term for this denomination during his coinage reform in 1700. It fell out of use on the coinage after Catherine II.


The term apparently comes from the medieval Ukrainian term for the large ingots that Russians called "Rubles". The Ukrainians prounounce the Г as an "H" and when Ukraine gained independence used the term for their currency; in English it's written as "Hryvnia" or some variation thereof.


(Disclaimer: I have sold this coin. I was told it was OK to post pictures of coins I have sold. If not, let me know.)


1731 grivennik




The legend simply reads "grivennik" (split across two lines)

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