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Itty bitty silver of the 18th C


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Well I guess I said something that inspired this thread, so I'd better put my dengi where my mouth is.


Altyns (3 Kopeks)


It turns out I do not have pictures yet of my most recently acquired Altyns (1704 БК).


1712 Altyn:






1718 Altyn:





Grivenniks (10 Kopeks)


1705 БК Grivennik






1713 МД Grivennik



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Now for Elizabeth:


(Disclaimer: I have sold these coins. I was told it was OK to post pictures of coins I have sold. If not, let me know.)


1755 "Baroque" 5 Kopeks, struck on thin (broad) planchet. (I chased both the broad and thick planchet varieties, eventually got both. Alas the broad planchet specimen basically sucks.)






1756 "Baroque" 5 kopeks, struck on a thick planchet.






1747 grivennik.






1748 grivennik.






1752 IШ grivennik



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Finally: Catherine II and Paul.


Disclaimer: I have sold these coins.


I had two Catherine II 10 Kopeks that were very poor grade, I am leaving those out.



1783 10 Kopeks:








5 Kopeks of 1797. Heavy. Julian #1






And light, 1798





Alas I never did get a 10 Kopeks heavy nor a heavy polupoltina else I would have completed the Paul I typeset.



Light 1798 10 Kopeks



And light, 1798



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Furthermore, I've put all of my pics into the Virtual Museum with a lot of explanation for the non-Russian-specialist. I got (rightly) taken to task for assuming too much knowledge for the average American (or even the above average American who can puzzle out the Cyrillic alphabet but still doesn't know the language or what a "grivennik" is), and I figure if it's a museum it should have lots of explanation and historical background.


I am going to go back and edit the eight posts where I showed one side of each of the Peter I coins, moving my improved post to the first of these, and request the others be deleted.

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I've been making sure to put my coins in the Virtual Museum here, and suggest others do likewise. I've started "generic" threads there about specific classes of coins (in this case so far only small silver) for other people to add onto. In particular I'd like Squirrel to add that 1 kopek to the thread I started under Peter I (link below) but there are others here worthy of including under other rulers.



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Great coin! I've always wanted one of'em. :cry:


The other coins are quite pretty too. Posted on OmniCoin? The site has become difficult to navigate. The search is broken, the results are only accurate on the first page, the rest of the pages come up unfiltered.


I put the 1718 1k up on omnicoin today. havent added much in a long time, and dont keep it up to date, sorry. I mostly use it for linking from threads here. I have a lot of scanning to do one of these days. :sorry:

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Thanks everyone for posting these coins. I love the earlier silver pieces but they do not come up that often on the Bay of E. The pieces that do come up are typically very low grade, prohibitively expensive and a lot of times damaged. I would like to pick up at least one silver piece of Paul I here soon, and that is definitely on my wish list for CICF in April. I would also like to accomplish that goal without having to sell a kidney.


Unfortunately, all of the predictions concerning my collecting Paul I's coinage have come true. I haven't found a piece worthy of addition in months.

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