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Greetings from Taiwan,


After a long hiatus, the Chopmark Collectors Club's journal Chopmark News is being published again. If you are interested in this fascinating and under-researched area of numismatics contact Colin Gullberg at: chopmarknews@gmail.com for a free electronic copy of the newsletter.

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I am not familiar with this part of numismatists.

what is the newsletter about, it sounds interesting




Chopmarks are Chinese characters and similar symbols punched into silver coins from western nations that circulated in China and East Asia from the 17th through the early 20th centuries. You can find chopmarks on Spanish and Mexican silver dollars easily, but also on large and small Dutch, English, US, and other coins. The chopmarks were added by "shroffs" professional coin testers and money-changers who also provided ad hoc banking services.


Recent issue of Chopmark News PDF from 2011 includes my article "The Shroff."

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I've saved a copy of the newsletter. Thanks for the link Michael. It's looks to be well worth the time for a detailed reading. Is the Society still active?

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