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A Jeffersonian census

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I searched $85 worth yesterday - no buffers, no silver. But I did find a nice VF 1938-S which will get Whitmaned, and a nice EF 1942 GVI Canada 5c coin. First GVI find in nickels ever, and the '38-S is now my earliest S mint nickel from circ. I have cleaned all my supplying banks of nickels for another couple of weeks unless my one branch can order a couple of boxes next week(I gift carded them before asking) :bthumbsup:

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I've happily completed 8 full Jeff sets from circulation. Found most double-dies, RPMs, OMMs and a slew of wicked errors. The secret?

Have 2 strokes within 6 months. Initially began getting my fingers moving, flipping each to view both sides. Couldn't get away with it in the hospital,

but I kept well stocked in the convelecent hell-hole. I'm back 75%, walking, talking and being a general pain. I scour through at least 10,000 pieces per week.

(4 boxes) My high is 21 Buffs with dates from a single box. Ditto on another occasion, 30 wars. The most lucrative have been the 82's & 83's, with a roll of aUNC '82P's netting me $110.

While the silver is drying up, its apparent collections are being dumped. (3 UNC & 1 BU 50-D) This is my take, Fine or better, from the last month:

1899 Liberty

05 Liberty

35 buff

37 buff















43S war

44S war

45P war































All '60's-present in UNC. I pulled mutiples, even rolls of many dates. Probably the biggest shocker was a nearly flawless '51-S

BTW, '09P's for the month is @ 36, while the D's @ 6. And that's in Idaho.

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Only $20 worth today, I am going to have to find more branches of my banks. No real exciting finds until I break open the last of the ten rolls and there is my new 1943-P war nickel.

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Unfortunately not. My fiancee has absconded with my camera for the weekend, but I will upload some as soon as I get around to taking them. I assume you are interested in seeing the almost-nonexistent "S"?

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I did a favour for one of my tellers, that I have been buying from - bought the $10 in cents and $25 in nickels. Nickels were lackluster, a 40, a 41, a 46, a 59, 69-S and three 70-S. Cents were a bust - one wheat, two YH Canada cents and a '69-S. But wait, there was that ugly thing that looked like a rotted out Zincoln, but as I cast it off into the reject pile I noticed it had the heft of copper. I looked at it and couldn't make any details on the coin. So I rubbed it a bit on the towel, I have to find a soft bristle brush to clean off the crust. But I can now discern the small shield above "One Cent" flanked by the laurel wreath. My "castoff" is indeed bronze, and it is over 100 years old - ANOTHER INDIAN CENT :bhyper: this makes three of them that I have found in coin roll searches in the past couple of months.


I still have to find a soft toothbrush or something that I can brush off the crust without damaging the coin - but I know it is an Indian. :yahoo:

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It is definitely something that someone dug up in their garden or something and turned around and spent without ever bothering to determine what it was. Right now I can faintly see the outline of the headress on Ms. Longacre and the "19" of the date.

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Finn, I'm always on the look-out for a '44 Henning. I do doubletakes on pieces with

that type of porousity.

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Hear hoofbeats, expect horses not zebras.


See copper piece the size of a Lincoln cent, expect Lincoln cent not something the finder probably never even heard of.


Not everyone is watching their change! It takes obsessed (if not malfunctioning :grin:) minds such as ours to even want to bother. This is why we even find these things like 1944 quarters (I am still stunned I found that one a month or so ago) in change either spontaneously or dedicated searching--because 99% of people don't look.

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I am conjecturing without tearing at it, that the date on the coin is 1907. I haven't cleaned coins since soaking Romans in mineral water years ago, so I am going to try to be professional about getting the crud off it so I don't destroy it. I have to believe someone dug it up outside and turned around and spent it.

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Finn, I'm always on the look-out for a '44 Henning. I do doubletakes on pieces with

that type of porousity.


That would certainly be nice if it were a Henning, but I'm afraid that the pourousity you see in the image is actually the poor image quality: I had been taking photos in low light the night before and forgot to reset my camera's ISO setting when I was done; it was set at 800.


Here is a better picture with a known S-mint war nickel for comparison:




Same picture with colors inverted and contrast enhanced:





S-mint war nickel without a doubt. It's just seen some abuse over the years.

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No Buffers for me lately, but have dredged out some more silver though. Lately I am finding that my credit unions are just more than accommodating, selling amounts like $250 etc and even ordering me $1000 worth to pick up next Thursday. My banks have been good to me, but I am finding these credit unions are truly a hoarders friend.

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Another day, another $25 gone through - no silver :sorry: but did adopt another Buffer, a 1929 this time. Actually I bought those from one of my banks that bags loose deposits through their coin sorting machine. As the teller was emptying their bag into mine I spotted the Buffer and pulled it out and showed her what I am looking for. Now she understands my "madness" :bthumbsup:

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Now I am going to have to wait till the credit union gets my nickel order next week for more finds.


BTW Thanks Finn325, you have inspired a new pursuit. I have pretty much waysided cents, and moved onto nickels - there are just more treasures there - and the possibility of finding silver - got two silver war babies in the past week. And the two Buffers. Also found the 1950 Philly that filled my Whitman hole.

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Once again, Brinks never ceases to satisfy! Out of 2 boxes:


Dateless buffalo




1940 x 3

1941 x 5



1942 x 3


1946 x 5




1948 x 3





1953 x 2

1953-D x 2


1954-D x 2


1956-D x 4

1957-D x 5


1958-D x 4


1960 BU

1964 AU


And 4 canadians... the most I've ever found from a Brinks box.


I've been skunked on the past couple searches in terms of silver, but that's not too surprising, considering the spot price of silver.

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I found a 43-P for my silver on Monday. Bout the only exciting find, everything else has been common date 40s and 50s. I am having to scour new banks and credit unions now as I have seemingly exhausted the supply chain for awhile.

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Another '43-P today, searched $50 worth of nickels from a new credit union.


Nice find.

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Today I got $270 in nickels from one of my credit unions, all bagged - preferable to rolls since I don't have to deal with the wrappers afterwards.


I found three Buffers, two dateless and one 1935 in VF. A 1938-D Jeffer(filled a hole in my Whitman) and two more silver nickels - a '43-S and a 44-P. I also found a handful of '40s and '50s nickels and a good assortment of S-mints from 1941-1970. Also found another 1950 Philly. If I could find a '55 Philly and a '50-D sometime I would be a happy camper.

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Today I could only find $20 worth of nickels at an out of town bank. I thought, oh great, I am going to get skunked with nothing but maybe a couple of 1950s Jeffs and that was it.


On the 5th roll I opened up, halfway through, a 1910 Liberty in AG-3. Roll # 7 had a dateless Buffer. Roll #8 had a 1903 Liberty. Also got a 1939 a 1941, a 1954 and a 1958 to round out the finds.

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