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AR Canada Dry Token

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Does this coin costy more then justs its bullion value? Does it have a premium?


Here's my description of the coin:


AR 1 oz. In script, the text "This is the Champagne of Ginger Ales" around bust of J.J. McLaughlin. Beneath bust, text in 4 lines "World Famous Words of J. J. McLaughlin, inventor of CANADA DRY. Toronto 1904". Border of dots. / Coat of Arms of Canada Dry, beneath "ONE TROY OUNCE - 24K FINE GOLD". Incuse gold mark beneath.

Certificate of authenticity included.



More pictures will be given also.


Best regards,



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Did you mean AV (gold) instead of AR (silver)?


Anyways, if it's 1 oz of gold, I highly doubt that any soft drink memorabilia collector would value it more highly than its gold scrap value.


Probably a pretty scarce prize from the looks of it.

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The closest things I've come across is stuff for Coca Cola and Barbie, but those were in silver, so it's a lot easier for a collector to pay $50-100 for something like that. (and thus a premium over melt/scrap)


But even with a more recognized name (e.g. Coca Cola), I think the the premium would likely be marginal.

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