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coins for sale or trade

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Got these Morgans for sale or trade for euro silver coins. Louie


1879-p MS63

1880-s MS63

1881-o MS63

1881-s MS63

1882-s MS63

1882-p MS63

1883-p MS60

1883-o MS63

1884-o MS63

1885-S AU

1885-s XF TONED

1886-P MS63

1886-O MS60

1887-P MS63

1887-O MS60

1887-S MS63

1888-O MS63

1888-S XF

1889-P MS63

1889-S AU

1889-O VF

1890-S MS60

1891-P MS60

1893-P G

1894-O G

1895-O G

1896-O AU

1896-S XF/AU

1897-P MS63

1897-S MS60

1898-P MS63

1898-O MS63

1899-P MS63

1899-O MS63

1900-O MS63

1902-O MS63

1902-S AU

1903-P MS63

1903-S G

1904-P MS63

1921-D MS63

1921-S MS63


1878-P MS60 7/8 TF

1878-P XF 8 TF

1886-P MS63 TONED

1896-O AU

1921-D AU

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