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Here's one obsure Chinese silver coin


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Without giving too much information away, thought it would be fun if you look up what's different about this coin:




Sure it features General Yuan Shi Kai and struck in 1914 but there's something about this which makes it different.


Also, this is overstruck over something... :)


Here are bigger pictures:





Seems pretty neat but the real irony is, if this turns out to be a counterfeit which is the unfortunate scene going on with Chinese coins, I spent a fortune on this coin. Weighs: 26.5g

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A Kansu mint YSK dollar struck over a 1911 Y#31 imperial dragon dollar? (BTW, never struck in Kansu if i'm not mistaken) :confus:


The inside out flatness (indicating a soft strike rather than wear) and the weirdest general shoulder insignia i've seen on a YSK dollar would have made me a bit suspicious.




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Here's more information about the Gansu Yuan Shi Kai yuan coin: http://home.netvigator.com/~ykleungn/yuansk2.htm


While I wouldn't say it's rare, it's not common either. What's unusual about this coin is that it is clearly an overstrike, underlying planchet being a 1911 Qing dynasty silver coin. If you look carefully, the character "da" should be visible which is on YSK's head.


The real implications come after this - is this a counterfeit that someone was messing around with or if it is a genuine coin, what is going on? Bear in mind - it was common to overstrike lots of copper coins using Korean 5 fun but this is the first time I've seen a silver coin overstruck.

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